Rasaruhsuh ] रस (origin Sanskrit) – “juice, essence or taste; culmination of flavors”.


At Rasa Higher Taste, we provide you with food that sparkles on the tongue and makes you want to dance. Our food makes you feel completely satisfied, yet at the same time, crave for more. Everything we make is infused with love and positive intent and is prepared with conscious connection that nourishes not only the body, but the heart and soul. With culinary inspirations from home-cooked delicacies to Indian street food, from traditional cultural dishes to fusion delights, and from sustainable Buddhist monasteries to sacred temples of India, we are sharing food with a higher taste that is full of rasa.


VRINDABAN MISRI (“V”) is a Northern California and Bay Area local who has travelled all over the world learning international vegetarian delicacies. What to speak of being the son of two amazing chefs! He has cooked for yoga and spiritual retreats at Mandala Springs for over 5 years and does private catering for birthdays and special occasions all over Northern California. He has visited and appreciated many of the vegan and vegetarian restaurants and food hubs in the Bay Area over the years, yet growing up, he remembers that it was always a challenge to find good vegetarian options. He is eager to share unique dishes that the San Francisco Bay Area has yet to experience.

PRAN KRISHN DAS (“Pran Ji”) has over a decade of experience cooking vegan and vegetarian Indian specialties. Since he moved to the USA, apart from serving friends and family restaurant style at home, he has worked at two vegetarian restaurants in the East Bay as a head chef and is excited to start his own venture. Pran is a lover of Indian street food (chaat) and tasty delicacies himself, and he is excited to add some spice and flavor to the San Francisco Bay Area culinary world.